About These Pages

I established this archive as a way to make the work we did in engineering education more accessible to current practitioners.

I have personally scanned most of the material from paper copies. Occasionally this may have resulted in something wierd, such as an ant where an and, or a grant where an grade, should be. I have done my best to preserve the original as far as possible, but some changes in format have been necessary. I have re-done a number of the graphs, and most of the tables. Undoubtedly this has resulted in some errors, but I think they are minor.

I'm a "pensioner" who is still actively pursuing a variety of professional interests. While I am "still on the faculty" at WVU, I am not on their payroll. This work started in the Spring of 2000. The pages are a voluntary offering, and my responsibilities to expand or maintain them are limited. I hope to include additional material and to cross-link and index the contents, as time permits.

While these pages are hosted by WVU, current university employees are not directly involved in the project.

I can be contacted as wvenable@wvu.edu


Wallace S. Venable

Emeritus Associate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

West Virginia University