The WurliTzer Collection

To support the new MIDI interface for the OSI Strasse Orgel I have edited over 50 tunes scanned from Wurlitzer 125 and 150 scale rolls.

Terry Smythe, of Winnipeg, Canada runs the large Archive of Player Piano Music Rolls in Midi Format at This has about 5300 .MID files of piano rolls released before 1928. There are about 200 Wurlitzer 125 and 150 band organ tunes on this site at

The majority of the tunes enjoyed a relatively brief popularity, but in the collection I found a good number of "International Standards" and "American Classics" which I wanted to add to my music library for our OSI organ.

Because I did extensive editing on the files, I hold a copyright to the 20er versions. Terry Smythe has a copyright interest in the roll scan files and has maked them "Not for Commercial Use" while freely sharing them. I will follow his lead and share my work without charge. Feel free to play or punch them on your own organ, but do not distribute them to others.

I work using the "true" Carl Frei scale starting with a bass F (MIDI #053) and rising to a D (MIDI #086). Some other 20er arrangers, or punching services, use shifted/transposed scales.

Click (or Right-Click) here to download a .ZIP file of the collection at no charge.