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Wallace Starr Venable

Emeritus Associate Professor

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

West Virginia University

These pages can lead you to a variety of information about me and my interests.

I enjoyed teaching Engineering Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering at West Virginia University for over thirty years, but when WVU offered me a "retirement incentive," I took it so I could try new things. I'm "retired" only in the sense that I am no longer on a university salary or directed by a college. I still devote essentially full time to teaching, research, and public service.

Academic Curriculum Vita

Much of my effort was devoted to the Engineering Education Program at WVU.

Engineering Education at West Virginia University

An archive of publications

During the period from about 1965 through 1990, faculty members associated with West Virginia University (WVU) made many contributions to the understanding of engineering education. This web site makes publications on those ideas and studies more accessible to today's faculty and students.

My current activities and interests include:

River and canal boating, both in the USA and Europe.

Upper Monongahela River Association - An organization promoting the Monongahela River as a recreational resource. I'm also webmaster for another web site promoting the Mon River, www.MonRiverSummit.org.

UK canals - We owned two Dawncraft boats in England for a number of years. Here is some Dawncraft information which I collected.

Local history

My wife Norma and I have finished a picture book titled Around Morgantown. It was published by Arcadia Publishing in May 2007.

Since 1998 I have been working with others to develop a local history museum. I did much of the display construction for Riverfront Museums, Inc. in Morgantown. The RMI museum in Seneca Center opened in 2000 and closed in January 2005.

Studying glass and doing "art glass."

My Glass Page provides access to several .PDF files which I have created on my experiments with glass-working technologies and some historical resources.

Mechanical Music

I enjoy music of many sorts, but particularly enjoy working with the group of mechanical music machines known as carousel organs in the USA and as fairgrounds organs in Britain. I am very active in COAA, the Carousel Organ Association of America, and frequently attend COAA rallies.

Click here for further information.

Family Genealogy

I have been creating an electronic archive of materials relating to my family's genealogy. While this is primarily for distribution to my immediate family on CD and DVD, some of that collection is on line here.

Click here for my Genealogy Page.

Teaching non-credit adult courses, particularly in conjunction with OLLI at WVU, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at West Virginia University, formerly known as Appalachian Lifelong Learners at WVU.

Click here for my OLLI at WVU Page.

I can be contacted at wallace.venable@mail.wvu.edu

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